Open source stylesheet for Subversion's repository browser. Fully customizable XSLT and CSS, with icons for different file types. Install Repos Style as it is or use is as a sample xsl to design your own. A simple log viewer is also included.


plain text svn index


colorful index with icons

in five minutes

You'll find sample transforms from the latest version here.

The advantages of using XSLT instead of a viewer like View SVN is that it is lightweight and that you use the real URLs in the directory listing.


You need the repository configured in Apache with mod_dav_svn. Repos Style is installed using the SVNIndexXSLT directive. To use the log viewer you need PHP.

  1. Download Repos Style zip
  2. Unzip to the document root of the repository host (this creates a folder /repos-web)
  3. In the Apache config, set SVNIndexXSLT "/repos-web/view/repos.xsl"
  4. Reload Apache
  5. Check your http URL again
  6. Optionally set up the Very Simple Logviewer; see this mailing list entry

How to change install path

How to customize

The XSLT file repos.xsl can be used as example for writing your own SVNIndexXSLT. Customize it anyway you want to.

For simple tweaking check the configuration section at the top of the xsl files. For example you can set the startpage propety for navigation to you host's start page.

To customize the menu, edit the commandbar section of the xsl. To customize the buttons displayed on each row, edit the actions section of the dir and file xsl templates.

See the development section on how to contribute changes.


Get a zipped distribution from the » download « folder.

Release History

  1. 2010-07-202.4 Added support for the svn replace operation in log viewer. Added new distribution with plugins. The log RSS feed is now properly integrated. Switched to SourceForge for downloads because of reported problems with Google Groups.
  2. 2010-01-042.3 Minor update for Repos Search 1.0.
  3. 2009-09-052.2 Prepared repos.xsl for Repos Search.
  4. 2009-08-212.1 Thanks to contributions on the mailing list the "Collection of Repositories" page no longer shows a link to history (SVNParentPath root does not have an svn log).
  5. 2009-03-132.0 Added support for multiple repositories (SVNParentPath) on Subversion 1.5 or later. Repos Style still supports Subversion 1.0 and later for single repository configuration (SVNPath).
  6. 2008-03-271.5 Fixed a path display issue with leading slash and SVNParentPath's Collection of Repositories. Commented out the trailing slash.
  7. 2008-02-031.4 Fixed an issue with the repository CSS in IE6.
  8. 2008-01-091.3 Renamed default install folder to repos-web to avoid conflict with common svn parent path /repos. In the listings: changed from divs to the more semantically correct ul/li.
  9. 2007-10-091.2 Improved performance in path (breadcrumbs) template. Added detection of trunk+branches+tags folders, allowing special styling through CSS. Added a folder icon with a lock symbol for tags. The log viewer now displays errors from the svn command.
  10. 2007-05-261.1 Documentation, build system and samples, no code changes.
  11. 2007-05-221.0 Initial release.


This project is open source. You chan check out the contents at It is Apache 2.0 license, while the icons are Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.0. At present the maintainers are Staffan Olsson and Ermin Catic.

There is a development tracker for tickets.

For support and discussion please use the mailing list.